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Hi all,

Hope you’ve been well and greetings! Gamechanger Audio is proud to release three new products for this NAMM!

PLASMA Rack is a 1U sized high-end audio effects unit designed for professional and studio use. A significant expansion of the unique High Voltage Distortion concept behind PLASMA Pedal, the PLASMA Rack features an extra large xenon tube that conducts audio signal at voltages of up to 5500 volts and  significantly expands the range and controllability of High Voltage Distortion effect.

I will be produced in limited batches and shipping will start in April 2019.

PLASMA eurorack module “PLASMA Drive” is a collaboration between Gamechanger Audio and Erica Synths, an established and globally recognized modular synthesizer brand from Latvia.
The PLASMA Drive Eurorack module brings the sounds of the PLASMA Pedal to the modular world. The functions of the pedal are complemented with CV control over the level of distortion and a dry/wet mix and tracking oscillators for a new Octave Up & Two-Octave Down function,

I will be in stock from late February 2019
Demo Video and further info here

More news about our this year’s biggest release are coming soon…


PS Please come by at #3347 at NAMM if you happen to be here..  

All the Best,

Your Gamechanger Audio Team



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