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Plasma Pedal Lauch

Hi there,

One year ago we, Gamechanger Audio, lauched the PLUS Pedal and began our journey. Today we present you our next product, the PLASMA Pedal.

The PLASMA PEDAL is a revolutionary approach within the realm of overdrive and distortion, as it is a new and previously unexplored method of achieving signal clipping. Instead of using LED circuits, transistors or vacuum tubes to produce overdrive, the PLASMA PEDAL transforms your instrument’s live signal into a series of continuous high-voltage discharges within a xenon-filled tube. In essence – you are playing a bolt of electricity, and the electrical discharges produced by your instrument are instantly converted back into an analog audio signal, producing a quick, responsive, and extremely heavy distortion with TONS of unique character!

Watch the demo video here:

If you are at NAMM, please to visit our booth #3130!

We will also be happy to meet you outside the show as follows:

25-31 JAN – NAMM, Los Angeles Area
01-04 FEB – San Francisco Bay Area
05-06 FEB – Los Angeles Area

Please drop us a line you would like to meet us in your studio or music shop for demonstrations of both the PLUS Pedal and PLASMA Pedal. Or simply to meet us to find out more.

PLASMA Pedal is currently in its very last stage of prototyping. We are ready to start ordering parts and organizing manufacturing within the coming months. Before we can do it, we need to fine-tune the pedal so that it sounds its very best in all settings. We need to locate suppliers for electronics, make sample orders and do some certifications.

This all will take time and resources. We will soon launch a pre-order campaign with some very special early bird offers, updates coming soon.

More information on our brand new website www.gamechangeraudio.com

Thank you for the interest and support, we could not have done it without you!

Gamechanger Audio


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