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GAMECHANGER AUDIO was started in 2015 by Ilja Krumins, Kristaps Kalva, Martins Melkis and Didzis Dubovskis. Our goal was to create a high-quality sustain and sostenuto pedal for all musical instruments. The first prototype of the PLUS Pedal was completed in December 2016 –  right on time for the product’s debut at the 2017 WNAMM show.

The following year, the PLUS Pedal was brought to life through a successful crowdfunding campaign, and it became widely available in 2018. 

Our follow-up product at the 2018 WNAMM show was the revolutionary PLASMA Pedal. The PLASMA was also successfully crowdfunded, and manufacturing began in the Autumn of 2018. 

Since then, we have gone on to develop the MOTOR Synth, the LIGHT Pedal, three additional variations on the PLASMA Tube circuit, and most recently the BIGSBY Pedal. 

Today, our musical tools are used all over the world by musicians and artists of the highest caliber. 

Our team consists of daring engineers and musicians who above all value originality, functionality and beautiful product design. We don’t compete with traditional audio devices, but instead to offer new, inspiring tools for music-making. 

When we were just getting started, we received quite a bit of criticism for our bold and immodest brand name, but over time it has served as a constant reminder to work extra hard on the originality of our designs and to be extremely selective about what we develop and produce.

Our research and manufacturing base is located in Riga, Latvia – a unique corner of the world, with possibly the best electronics manufacturing infrastructure in Europe. 

We are proud of all our accomplishments to date, and we are determined to keep bringing you more game-changing, mind-boggling and head-scratching audio tools in the years to come.



Gamechanger Audio Ltd has is supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Agreement No SKV-L- 2017/28 19.01.2017.

Gamechanger Audio Ltd has is supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia within the framework of ERDF Project No. on Creative Industries Incubators.