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Jack White, Plasma Rack and the Motor Synth – Summer NAMM

Hi all,

Sending some updates from Summer NAMM!

This year has been a blast – and it’s not over yet – it’s only July…
This year our Summer NAMM booth is literally bursting with visitors – all kinds of musicians, as well as our friends and colleagues from all corners of the industry.

First of all – The MOTOR Synth is here – as you probably know (apologies for the spam in June) – we carried out a very successful Indiegogo campaign for the MOTOR Synth and now we are preparing to enter the final stages of product development. Here, at Booth 1259, we’ve been showing the MOTOR Synth to all sorts of musicians and trying out some of our latest improvements – redesigned Filter Section, Sequencer, and Improved MIDI clock.

Even though this IS the land of Country – jaws are dropping and we feel a genuine wave of excitement about our Motorized noise machine. More info on the MOTOR Synth will follow throughout August and September, as we prepare the instrument for the final manufacturing stages.

Secondly – The PLASMA Rack is finally finished and SHIPPING. A true labor of love – the PLASMA Rack took almost a year to develop and after going through dozens of prototypes and variations we feel that we have finally managed to create the ULTIMATE Plasma distortion device. Both the sound and the functionality are Phenomenal, and we are genuinely proud to offer this device to studio engineers and musicians in search of Serious amounts of distortion.  

If you cannot come by our booth to experience our 2 Rack stereo setup – then at least take a look at this brand new FULL FEATURES PLASMA Rack Video.

And Finally – saving the best for last – We are PROUD to announce our first ever Artist Collaboration. Gamechanger Audio and Third Man Records – possibly the coolest Record Label in the industry, created and run by Jack White, one of the true heroes of modern music, and one of our Idols.

The PLASMA Pedal first sparked Jack’s interest in September 2018 and we’ve been working closely since to create a special version tailored to his taste. it is called the PLASMA Coil and it features 6 special effects modes (Voltage Boost, + 5 Analog octaver modes).

The PLASMA Coil is already used heavily by Jack (since first prototypes in March) and can be heard in his live shows and on the latest Raconteurs Album.

We are extremely proud to finally offer this 100% Rock’n’Roll musical device to anyone who wants that  “Go Big or Go Home” sound.

PLASMA Coil is for now available in limited quantities in the Third Man Records online store. Here’s a small teaser!

Thank you, stay tuned for more info, and

Keep on Rockin’ in the Gluten-Free World!

Your Gamechanger Audio Team


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