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PLASMA Rack is a high voltage distortion 1U rack mount

The PLASMA Rack distorts audio signal by transforming it into visible high voltage electric discharge in a xenon tube. The wide frequency spectrum works great with various sound sources. The PLASMA rack has a unique gritty distortion and carefully designed controls. The naturally occurring noise gate effect interacts with the VOLTAGE knob and input level. This combined with the DRY/WET mix knob makes PLASMA Drive perfect for drum machines and fx tracks.

Modulating the xenon lamp creates extraordinary TREMOLO and RING MOD sounds. The CLEAN GATE effect ads the signature PLASMA gating effect to the clean signal. The SUSTAINER circuit allows to dial in sputtery broken sounds without loosing sustain. The OVERSATURE circuit overloads the tube and adds upper harmonics and changes the dynamic response. This together with sophisticated I/O and full MIDI implementation makes for a powerful post-production and post-destruction machine.

  • Distortion that integrates in a studio setting with instrument/line level signal processing and balanced & unbalanced I/O;
  • Previously unheard gritty CLEAN GATE effect that can be applied on dry sound without distortion;
  • Dynamic TREMOLO / RING MODULATOR effect modulates the xenon lamp resulting in a unique effect that can be controlled by the input level;
  • Distort stereo tracks with two units in master/slave configuration;
  • Recall your distortion presets with MIDI PC and control all parameters with MIDI CC.


Distortion characteristics of the PLASMA rack

The harmonic artifacts, created as a byproduct of the high-voltage discharge are uncommon in traditional signal amplification, and therefore PLASMA distortion is unlike anything you have heard before. The PLASMA Rack produces large amount of non-linear harmonic saturation that causes extremely rich and responsive attacks, and brings out screeching sharp overtones and harmonics. The way the PLASMA tube reacts with different instruments and sound sources simply cannot be recreated with any other analog machine, plug-in or by digital modeling. The scope of distortion intensity goes from sputtery broken sounds to full saturation and sustain all the way to totally oversaturated tones. The level of distortion is controlled with INPUT GAIN and VOLTAGE knobs. The OVERSATURE mode overpowers the PLASMA tube and enhances upper harmonics and overtones.

Natural noise gate and CLEAN GATE

When input level drops below the PLASMA lamps voltage threshold the electrical discharge within the gas-filled tube is interrupted. This creates a gating effect which is unique to the PLASMA distortion and is a huge part of the flavor of this distortion. The extremely fast gate creates the sputtering sounds with each attack and decay/release of a sound. It creates strong contrasts between sounds so it works really well with beats and drum tracks. The gating effects interacts with the INPUT GAIN and VOLTAGE. The SUSTAIN mode allows to prolong the sustain when using low VOLTAGE (high gate threshold) settings.
CLEAN GATE applies the special PLASMA gating to the dry signal even if the distorted wet signal is not mixed in. This allows to apply the same sputtering gate sounds as a texture without distorting the signal. This effect has a wide range of applications, such as – crushing drums, removing sustain from cymbals, or adding a flickering quality to melodic lines.

Tremolo and ring modulation

The PLASMA RACK features a diverse TREMOLO section that affects both the DRY and the WET signals in or out of phase. The tremolo is achieved by modulating the PLASMA tube. The tremolo speed goes into ring modulation territory. The tremolo rate and ring modulation frequency can be controlled with MIDI CC message and an expression pedal. The effect also has an envelope follower which allows to control the tremolo and ring modulation depth with the input level. Finally, the tremolo section interacts with the CLEAN GATE effect allowing to add the flickering PLASMA gate to the clean sound at the rate of the tremolo.

Signal routing

The PLASMA Rack has a balance and unbalanced i/O. It works with both instrument and line level signals. It is a mono unit, however it is designed to work in master/slave configuration for stereo signal processing. There are 3 effect loops in different parts of the signal chain that also work both with instrument and line level signals.


The PLASMA Rack signal processing is fully analog, but the parameters can be digitally controlled. It has full MIDI implementation, each parameter can be controlled with MIDI CC and PC messages and the rack has 8 user preset slots plus a default boot-up preset and settings. The expression pedal input can be rerouted to any parameter and saved on global or preset basis.

Download User’s Manual here
Learn more about the PLASMA Rack here


Title: Gamechanger Audio Plasma Rack
Manufacturer’s SKU: GCAPRA Model: Plasma Rack
UPC: 750258555196
Manufacturer: Gamechanger Audio
Made in EU, Riga, Latvia



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