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The PLASMA Rack is a mono 1 U unit. Linking two PLASMA Rack units together via MIDI, it is possible to use as a true stereo device.

The PLASMA Rack only features inputs and outputs on the back of the device.

It does! It features unbalanced jack input for your instrument, unbalanced XLR/ Jack input for your mic or line signal. And the same for the outputs – one unbalanced output, one balanced output.

You can save and recall up to 8 presets by MIDI Programm Change messages – 01 – 08.

As it features an expression pedal input, you can control your chosen parameter via a standard expression pedal.

It does! Via MIDI you can recall your favorite presets (using CC messages), control another PLASMA Rack, or control your PLASMA Rack via MIDI controller.

It is the actual discharge path for the high voltage signal! These discharges have an unusual spectrum and they are responsible for that electric crackling sound.

The PLASMA Rack doesn’t cause any RF interference. The PLASMA Rack has been tested in a certified laboratory and passed Electro-magnetic compatibility tests. Sensitive devices e.g. guitar pickups can pick up noise in very, very close proximity.

The expected life of the xenon tube is 10,000 to 70,000 hours of active playing. The tube is under warranty. No other colors are available.

Gamechanger Audio PLASMA Rack comes with a power cable that’s suitable for your region.


Unbalanced input
ConnectorTip-sleeve 1/4” jack
Maximum input level+ 11 dBu
Maximum undistorted input level0 dBu (Gain setting at minimum)
TypeInstrument input, RF filtered, true bypass to unbalanced output
Balanced input
ConnectorCombo connector: Female XLR and Tip-Ring-Sleeve ¼” (Pin 2 and Tip hot)
Impedance4.38 kΩ 1.5 kΩ (PAD switch on)
Maximum input level+17 dBu (Clamped by protection devices) +37 dBu (PAD switch on, clamped by protection devices)
Maximum undistorted input level+2dBu (Gain setting at minimum) +22 dBu (PAD switch on, Gain setting at min)
TypeMic/Line input, RF filtered, true bypass to balanced output
Unbalanced output
ConnectorTip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Maximum output level+7 dBu
Balanced output
ConnectorMale XLR (Pin 2 Hot)
Impedance200 Ω
Maximum output level+ 10 dBu
FX loop send (1-3)
ConnectorTip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Impedance100 Ω
Maximum output level+12 dBu (Line level) -6 dBu (Instrument level)
FX loop return (1-3)
ConnectorTip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
Impedance1 MΩ
Maximum output level+14 dBu
MIDI in/out/through
Connector5-pin DIN (180 degree)
TypeOp cally isolated input, RF filtered
Expression pedal
ConnectorTip-Ring-Sleeve ¼” (Wiper p, CCW ring, CW sleeve)
TypeDesigned for potentiometer-based expression pedals, RF filtered
Gain and signal levels
Preamp gain range-26 to +12 dB
Unbalanced inputrecommended level for 0dB gain se ng: -15 dBu
Balanced input (PAD switch off)recommended level for 0dB gain setting: -9 dBu
Balanced input (PAD switch on)recommended level for 0dB gain se ng: +11 dBu
FX loop level (Line) +4 dBu at recommended input level
FX loop level (Instrument)-15 dBu at recommended input level
Volume control gain-80 to +12 dB
Pad Attenuation-20 dB, applies for balanced input only
Low frequency10 Hz, -20 to 20 dB Low-pass shelving filter
Mid frequency600 Hz, -6 to 6 dB
High frequency20 kHz, -10 to 10 dB, High-pass shelving filter
TypeBaxandall, MIDI controllable
Rate range0.85 to 2600 Hz
Depth control0 – 100%, in (positive range) or out (negative range) of phase between clean and distorted signals
Discharge voltage5.5 kV
System performance
Frequency Response30 Hz to 20 kHz (±3 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio69 dB clean channel (A weighted); 78 dB drive channel (A weighted);
Operating Temperature0º to 40º C
Power Supply
TypeUniversal, switch – mode
Operating voltage90 – 245 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption60 W
Dimensions440mm (W) x 255mm (D) x 40mm (H)
Shipping box dimensions540mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 100mm (H)
Weight4.1 kg
Shipping weight4.5 kg