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Plus Pedal Update

This is a special update for the friends and early supporters of the PLUS Pedal!

Thank you very much for recognising the PLUS Pedal’s value and placing your pre-order! We are a young company and early support from customers like you plays a crucial role in our product’s success!
It has only been three weeks since we launched our invention at this year’s NAMM show (on an advertising budget of zero dollars) and it already looks like we managed to make quite a splash!

The PLUS was covered by numerous journalists and online magazines all over the world, including Music Radar and Dan & Mick from “That Pedal Show” who came by our (glorious) booth 2008 to do a NAMM report on us for Anderton’s.
In case you missed it – here’s the segment!

We also went up to San Francisco to do a very special Demo for a large magazine – I can’t tell you more at the moment – but you will find out soon.. 

Secondly, we were approached by dozens of dealers, distributors and stores, who all want to do business with us. Offers keep coming in daily, and naturally, we tell them that first we’ll ship to our early customers and then we can talk… 😉

Also, the PLUS Pedal has caught the attention of quite a few star-players! Unfortunately we cannot reveal who those are just yet, but believe me – some of the names are just Shocking!!!
But above all, what is most important is that we’ve managed to find enough early-bird customers such as You to make sure that the PLUS pedal becomes a reality! We are currently working hard on the technical side, negotiating with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a top quality product delivered to you as early as possible, and we are confident that we will make our June deadline!

This does not mean that the uphill climb is over – we still need to keep gaining new customers, in order to make production less labor-intensive and more cost-efficient. There are millions of musicians out there who still haven’t heard about us, and we believe that the PLUS Pedal is a fantastic tool for ALL melodic instruments, not just guitars! 

Therefore If you see us posting YouTube videos and “cluttering up” your Facebook feed with flashy slogans – please be so kind and share – the more people we get on board, the more bragging rights you’ll have when you receive your exclusive “First Batch” PLUS Pedal J

Additionally, we would like you to know that “Gamechanger Audio” does not plan on standing still after releasing the PLUS Pedal! We have some grand ideas for further innovative products, as well as cool accessories for the PLUS Pedal, and early customers like you, will always receive the first offers and special discounts before everyone else!

Thank you for your time, spread the word and please email us if you have any questions 🙂

Gamechanger Audio / PLUS Pedal team 



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