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Greetings, Folks!

We are happy to announce that almost all of the parts necessary for the PLASMA Pedal have arrived! The first commercial batch of PLASMA Pedals will go into production very soon!
The PLASMA Pedal will not be produced in-house, but rather by a professional and experienced electronics manufacturer.

Latvian electronics manufacturers “Hansa Matrix” are our partners, and we have already worked with them to launch our previous product – the PLUS Pedal.
Because of your unbelievable interest and support, the initial batch of PLASMA Pedals is very substantial – almost 1500 units!
This means we will be able to set up an efficient assembly line and execute all IndieGoGo orders within one month’s time!

Here is our current shipping timeline for our IndieGoGo clients:

Orders #1 – #250:  September 10th – 15th

Orders #251 – #1250: September 25th – 30th

Orders #1251 – #1500: October 1st – 5th

All orders placed through starting from April will be shipped by the end of October!

We sincerely apologize to the earliest 250 backers, who bought the PLASMA Pedal for 129$ with an estimated August delivery date. We did our best to ship your pedals in August, but this was the most rational production plan that ensured quality and let us keep our costs within reason.

40 Comments to “PLASMA PEDAL – READY TO GO”

  • Stephen

    Would it be fair to say orders ~1600 would start shipping mid October?

    • Niks Brensons

      Hey there,

      You’re right! That’s the plan 🙂

      Nick / GCA Team

  • Scott Kaufman

    I’m order #69 lol!

  • Keith Parker

    How can I tell The number and shipping date of a direct…. order ? Is the number the ” order number “…. Help me understand

    • Niks Brensons

      Hey Keith,

      We’ll update this info as soon as possible. For now, I can say that these orders will be fulfilled from mid-October 🙂
      Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • John

    As one of the early backers, I am just grateful to have scored such a good price on these. When they’re ready, they’re ready. Feel free to post more demos in the meantime!

    • Niks Brensons

      John, thanks, man!! We’re working on new demo material. That’s coming out soon 🙂


      • Chris Outlaw

        I look every week for new info and demos, Kind surprised we haven’t seen one…just to continue the interest and excitement . Am waiting very damn patiently…ok maybe a little impatiently …better right than early


        • Niks Brensons

          You’re right about that 🙂
          We’ll definitely let you know about new demos, man!


  • Tommy Dog

    How does one find out what batch one is in? Thanks

  • Alex Hamilton

    Hey GameChanger team team!

    I’m here reworking my setup, eagerly awaiting my Plasma Pedal. I want to save a space on my new board in preparation for the pedal’s arrival. Can you tell me what the approximate dimensions of the enclosure are?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Niks Brensons

      Hey Alex,

      We’ve sent an image with dimensions to your email 🙂


  • Michael Moore

    I’d love to buy one.
    40 years of playing and your creation is so exciting.
    What can I do to buy one?
    Thank you, Peace and God Bless.
    219-331-5479 Anytime

  • Michael MacIntyre

    Do you guys have any recommendations on where the plasma pedal should go in the signal chain? I ordered mine from and can’t wait to get my hands on it, so in the mean time I’m thinking signal chain. First? Last? Before or after envelope filters? How does it sound with a wah wah? Cheers!

    • Niks Brensons

      Hi Michael,

      Well, that’s a tough question! 🙂 You definitely should try different positions. We’ve tried it almost in any settings, we’ve given it to artists to play with the prototypes. But we all agree that’s a matter of choice. Lot’s of new options can be done with the PLASMA 🙂


  • David Chiesa

    OK ! I’m 2956, which they mean that it will be in November or so ?

    • Niks Brensons

      Hi David,

      We’re trying our best to deliver them as soon as possible but for now it looks like you’re correct.

      Let us know if you have any other questions 🙂


  • Moe

    How much and is there an order page?

  • tony

    So….number 654 in indigogo will ship by end of september correct?

    • Niks Brensons

      Hey there,

      More like around the mid-October 🙂
      Hope that’s ok with you!

      Cheers, man!

  • Eric Barouti

    A man who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new…( Einstein ), so I just placed an order and will forgive the little delivery hicups that may occur. Starting something new is tough so all the best and thanks for being different.

    • Niks Brensons

      Eric, we’ll print your message and put it in our office so that everybody can see it 🙂
      Thanks for the support!

      CGA team

  • David Roberts

    I would like to see a demo video of an actual heavy metal band doing full power chords on a 17 k humbucker through this pedal, being a former guitar player and a former retired sound engineer, I have never heard a pedal like this that does so much and has such a variable frequency range. my hats are off to you guys for creating a product that’s new and refreshing in an industry that has grown stagnant sound and tone wise with digital sound. I love how the demo video from Namm shows the look on the professional musicians faces when they hear this, and I know video and youtube sound does not do it justice.

  • Martin Kendall

    Are the dates above still on track?

  • Julian La Brooy

    Hey – what is the mA draw that this requires – am trying to find a spot for it on my board and need to know the power requirements.


  • Dusko Males

    GUYS!!,KILLING ME!!,I just bought a guitar!!$2000!!(awesome new Schecter Explorer/Destroyer shape,with sustainiac,now the argument starts again with my girlfriend..;-))),which of course,I always win!!(ya got me last time on my Keith Merrow…,but I’ll put an order in..,I’m a pedal-Pig!,I have/or had them all(some twice over&more..),but HEAVY???,when I see/smell/hear HEAVY…,I want it!,and I’ve been watching this since the “blues bros”entry you guys made at NAMM!(awesome!),as it’s my birthday in late October..,I think I can squeeze a bit more cash outta the budget(80%music”stuff”-20%”life-stuff”!!),so I’ll get my order for Plasma’a’Plenty in before the 5 day cut-off,I told you guys I would,and it’s a win-win situation!,take you’re time making it Awesome..30+years and you know it’s better to get it right rather than..I’m not gonna jinx ya!,& I’m sure you know what you’re doing..I’m gonna check out the progress videos through the “Home LaneyPA system”!!,So the neighbours can hear what they’rein for!!,am keeping my Thunderverb WARM!!!(yeah it’s LOUD)!!!

  • Hannes Mottl

    If I have an order number around 3800, what do you think will the shipping date be like then?
    Great & iinovative products – really looking forward to the plasma pedal – gonna use that boy with saxophone.

  • oh_keif

    Will you all be sending out tracking information?

    • Niks Brensons

      Hei Keith,

      Yes, each and every one PLASMA delivery will get the tracking details!


  • furtdso linopv

    I like your writing style genuinely loving this site.

  • Jake Leslau

    Order #3132 (August 23, 2018)

    Hey – when can expect above’s order to be shipped?

    • Niks Brensons

      Hi Jake,

      We’ve scheduled the shipping for your PLASMA around the end of the next week! 🙂

  • TheWall

    it can be powered with a standard 9V center-negative tip power supply?

    Thanks a lot

    • Niks Brensons

      Hey there,

      You’re right about that – a standard 9V DC center negative should do the job just fine 🙂


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