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February, 2022

We have a feeling that Tom and Matiss from GAMECHANGER AUDIO may have created the heaviest Synth & Drums band around. Meet OIL & GAS, and the first track they wrote for MOTOR SYNTH MKII and drums, recorded at Evil Joe Barresi's studio in LA.

Tap the link and have a look at the people who have chosen Gamechanger Audio products and included them in their artistic endeavors!

The new release ”Things Will Never Be The Same Again” by Macro Micro is out!

July, 2022

Tommy Simpson aka Macro/Micro has been on the electronic music scene long enough to work on projects with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross as a studio assistant and engineer. Now he's releasing a new album called ”Things Will Never Be The Same Again”. Gamechanger Audio effects have become a big part of Tommy's sound and you can hear them on the new tracks.


September, 2020

An interview with sound designer Richard Devine from when he visited Riga, Latvia in October 2019. This seems to be one of the few interviews where we get to know the human side of Richard - his journey to the world of sound design. But don't fret, there's gear talk included!


January, 2020

JINMO is the one and only avant-attaque and rock artist from Japan. JINMO and Gamechanger Audio have been walking closely side by side for a couple of years now and he is one of those people who know our products inside and out. We present to you a series of videos - for each of the current GCA products - explained by the masterful and meticulous JINMO.


April, 2019

We had a chance to be there on the opening night of Band of Skull's European tour and sit down with Russell and Emma to talk about the new album, the new era of the band, their hometown Southampton and of course gear – how PLASMA can add that extra level of power to their new and old tracks.


July, 2020

It’s a hot and sunny afternoon in Latvia. The second day of the biggest music event in Baltics – Positivus festival, and here we are, chatting with Mike Kerr – the bassist–frontman half of the British power duo Royal Blood. In this video, Mike talks about his earliest memories of music, the unique sound of Royal Blood, the PLASMA Pedal and why bass guitar is now his main instrument.


January, 2019

Husky Höskulds is an audio engineer who always looks for character in recordings - anything that can make a production unique is met with a smile and a cup of coffee. We visited him in his L.A. based studio to show our newest gear of that time - the MOTOR Pedal and the PLASMA Rack!


April, 2019

From Thee Hypnotics and Black Moses through to the Jim Jones Revue and The Righteous Mind, Jim Jones has dedicated his life to making exciting, passionate rock ‘n’ roll music. Playing from the heart and shooting from the hip, Jim remains an elemental, innovative force in rock ‘n’ roll.

Here at Gamechanger Audio we’ve all been life-long fans of all things Rockabilly, Punk and Rock’n’Roll. Needless to say, Jim Jones plays a crucial role in keeping the artform alive in the age of quantized beats and auto-tuned vocals.

Having followed Jim’s career for almost 10 years now, it was our utmost pleasure to finally meet Jim and his gang, and bring some high-voltage PLASMA dirt that they so masterfully put to work for their newest album. When we first met, the guys were developing their new sound for the CollectiV album. Standing in their rehearsal space and watching them work out their new sound felt like standing next to a perfectly harmonious 5-car pile-up car crash. Sheer seismic energy, unbelievable power!


July, 2020

A complete anomaly to the modern music scene, Justin Johnson has forged an iron-clad name for himself and developed a worldwide fanbase, all as an independent artist, with no label or industry support whatsoever.



⚡"Welcome to the future! Yeah, it’s called PLASMA baby. It’s a fuel for rock n roll."⚡️
Guitarist and a lead-vocal of DeWolff, Pablo van de Poel, takes us on a journey through his Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio in Utrecht, Netherlands. Lots of great gear coming up on this video!


December, 2018

Richard Z. Kruspe got the PLASMA Pedal for one of his birthdays and has been playing with it ever since. Now Rammstein shows include PLASMA Racks as well!


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