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PLASMA Pedal has a 1/4” Unbalanced TS and 1/4” Unbalanced TS output.

The PLASMA Pedal operates as mono in / mono out effect.

PLASMA Pedal is an analog guitar pedal that doesn’t use signal processing.

PLASMA Pedal is a true bypass design pedal.

Definitely! Gamechanger Audio PLASMA Pedal was designed with guitar, bass, and synth players in mind – operating in full EQ spectrum.

If you don’t want to stack effects, you can mix them with the BLEND knob. It offers to mix PLASMA fuzz sound with an effect that runs before. For example, adjusting it right at the noon, you’d achieve 50% PLASMA PEDAL and 50% of the sound you had before PLASMA Pedal. But turning the BLEND knob to the max, you will stack the effects with ones you had before.

You can assign the LOW FREQ and HIGH FREQ to only the PLASMA distortion or whatever you’ve blent in with the BLEND knob. For example, the direct sound from your guitar. This is especially suitable for bass.

First of all, there are no right or wrong placements for any pedal. There may be general rules that offer more or standard results, but we always suggest trying out different options that may work best for you.

But if you ask our opinion where we’ve found it to be the most useful addition to the sound, here it is:

If you’re using the PLASMA Pedal in your guitar or bass rig, then we’d suggest putting it after other drive pedals, before modulation effects. This will open more options with the BLEND knob. You’ll be able not just to stack drive effects but mix them as well.

If you’re using the PLASMA Pedal with your synth or in studio, we recommend trying to place it almost at the end, before the reverb. Then the PLASMA Pedal will be a unique addition to the eq and texture of the sound.

The expected life of the xenon tube is 10,000 to 70,000 hours of active playing. The tube is under warranty. No other colors are available.

It is the actual discharge path for the high voltage signal! These discharges have an unusual spectrum and they are responsible for that electric crackling sound.

The PLASMA Pedal doesn’t cause any RF interference. The PLASMA Pedal has been tested in a certified laboratory and passed Electro-magnetic compatibility tests. Sensitive devices e.g. guitar pickups can pick up noise in very, very close proximity.

The PLASMA Pedal doesn’t come with a free power supply.  Gamechanger Audio PLASMA Pedal requires a standard pedal power supply – Barrel plug – 2.1 x 5.5 mm with a center-negative polarity with 9V DC and at least 250mA.


Input type1/4” Unbalanced TS
Input impedance1MΩ
Max Input Level7Vpp (+10dBu)
Output Type1/4” Unbalanced TS
Output Impedance100Ω
Max Output Level7Vpp (+10dBu)
Power ConnectorCenter negative 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug (the standard 9V)
Frequency Response20Hz to 22kHz
EQ LOW FRQ Boost/Cut± 9dB, 600Hz corner Freq.
EQ HI FREQ Boost/Cut± 10dB, 1.5kHz corner freq.
IndicatorCheck indicator white LED
ConnectorsIN, OUT, DC input
Power Requirements300mA, 9VDC
Peak Power Consumption2.7 W
Mean Power Consumption1 W
Power Consumption during Stand-by0.025 W
Dimensions148 mm * 96 mm * 70 mm
Weight840 g / 1.8 lbs


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