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Definitely! The Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal was designed with guitar, bass, and synth players in mind – operating in full EQ spectrum.

The LIGHT Pedal has a 1/4” Unbalanced TS and 1/4” Unbalanced TS output. As well as 1/4” expression TS and TRS input.

You can control different parameters on the PLUS Pedal using an expression pedal! Connect your PLUS Pedal to the expression pedal using 1/4” TRS cable. Additionally, you can use the expression input as a CV (control voltage) input. The active range is from 0 to + 3.3 V.

By default, the expression input is assigned to the CTRL knob. You can assign the expression control to any one of the following knobs – spring, optical, drive or gate. For example, to assign the expression pedal to the drive knob, unplug the PLUS Pedal’s power supply, press & hold the LIGHT Pedal’s footswitch and plug the power back in. A flashing light will indicate that the pedal is in exp. assign mode. Now simply turn the desired knob (drive) and it will be assigned to the expression pedal.

You can! The max input level of the LIGHT Pedal is + 6.8 dBu. Going above this +6.8 dBu will damage the unit.

The LIGHT Pedal operates as mono in / mono out.

The Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal is an analog device that uses digital signal processing on a few effect modes – reflect, feedback, harmonic.

The first three effect modes (optics, sweep, trem) are called optical effects. Reflect, feedback and harmonic effects are created directly in the spring tank. The LIGHT Pedal allows you to combine an optical effect with one remaining spring tank effects.

For example, let’s combine sweep and reflect modes: 

1 Set the pedal to sweep mode and adjust the modulation rate with the CTRL knob. You can also set up a dynamic rate value using gate knob & footswitch (see above). 

2 Press & hold the footswitch and set the effect knob to Reflect.

Now sweep and reflect modes are combined. The CTRL knob will apply to the currently active effect mode (reflect), and you can set up a different gate + footswitch parameter for the reflect mode. 

Similarly, you can combine tremolo and harmonic modes, optical and feedback modes and explore other interesting combinations. To exit the multi-effect mode, simply adjust the effects selector knob to a different effect mode. All saved parameters, such as CTRL and footswitch + gate (dynamic effect) values will be lost.

You can’t! The modular output level is quite hot, and it will damage the LIGHT Pedal! Usually, modular synthesizers operate on a signal level that is 4 to 5 times higher than the LIGHT Pedal can take.

The LIGHT Pedal doesn’t come with a free power supply.  Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal requires a standard pedal power supply – Barrel plug – 2.1 x 5.5 mm with a center-negative polarity with 9V DC and at least 500mA.

No options to insert batteries.


Input TypeTip-sleeve 1/4” jack
Input impedance1MΩ
Maximum input level+ 6.8 dBu
Output typeTip-sleeve 1/4” jack
Output impedance100 Ω
Maximum output level+6.8 dBu
Peak Power Consumption4 W
Mean Power Consumption0.9 W
Power Requirements500 mA min 9V DC center negative 2.1 x 5.5 mm plug
Spring Tank3 springs type, 100 mm
Product DimensionsWLH 105 x 190 x 40 mm (4.1 x 7.5 x 1.6 in)
Product Weight1060 g (2.3 lbs)