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Gamechanger Audio artist


Tommy Simpson is an electronic music artist, producer, and sound engineer in Los Angeles. He has scored and licensed original songs for films, composed and performed live original music for contemporary theater, and has worked for Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross as a studio assistant and engineer since January 2019.

His solo project Macro/micro officially “began” in 2016 and since then he has released two EPs and three albums including the latest release ”Things Will Never Be The Same Again”. His music is a search for deeper, intuitive truths about the relationship between inner and outer space. PLASMA Rack stereo setup has become a big part of Tommy's sound and is heavily used on ”Things Will Never Be The Same Again”.


TWNBTSA would not be the same without my 2x PLASMA Racks. So many parts across the whole album were sculpted with them, including pretty much every sound on “Awe”. I used it heavily on this track which really created its color, especially as it disintegrated into clicks and pops which felt like we're seeing all of creation with the "the fear of god" sense of awe and then descend down into realm of particle physics. Thank you, Gamechanger Audio, for making the best distortion unit ever – it’s one of my favorite pieces of gear in my studio!”


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